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Download Images with commercial or editorial license. Or for free from the Gallery page. NHKSystems is not affiliated with any on line stores or sponsored by retail businesses. No advertisements will pop up or solicitation banners will be advertised on this website! The links for reviewing images does reflect (in some instances) the privacy rights for images on this and other hosted websites. Please respect it. The images posted here and elsewhere protects me and other contributors.                                  Thank You I am Nsasi H. Kunilango, a member of PPO (Professional Photographers Org.), IFPO (International Freelance Photographer Org.) and the U.S. Press Corps. I decided to focus full time on photography in 2013 after retiring from the work (9 to 5) force in 2008. Working every day, I was locked inside (in my mine) a bubble. This is to say, out of touch with what existed for me outside and beyond my comprehension of what existed for me. It was quite frustrating realizing that I was just focusing on someone els providing me with a limited pay check and having to depend on that job to dictate how I should act, live and work.  I started submiting images to stock photo agencies in the  spring of 2014. At that juncture, I had realized that if I would have allocated a little more time on photography while I was working, I would have established myself better submiting images to stock photo agencies. However, I’m basically still up to speed since I did at least keep up with current photographic technology. Thanks for registering, I wish you well on all your personal endeavors.
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I will be updating this site adding and replacing photos (image) links that go on a Stock Photo Agency website on the product page. Click on a Commercial or Editorial Images to get a license for use. The watermark seen on an image is to protect the image from infringement, and once purchase the watermark is removed. Free images download will also be updated periodically on the GALLERY page.
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© Reflect NHK’s privacy rights for images on this and other hosted websites since 2013
Drones have become a topic for discussion. Controversy around flying them has been finalized by the FAA. No one can fly sUAS (small unmand aircraft systems) for non hobby purposes without authorization from the FAA. has Drone Photography and Video hints and tips. Here is the link ALSO If you want to take the next step and become informed of Drone News, Programs and Links, visit our Links forum I purchased a Chroma Flight-Ready Drone with Stabilized CGO3 4K Camera and ST-10+ Transmitter. It takes a little getting use to but over all it is made very well and fun to fly and takes great videos. Still images look good depending on your lighting. I had to learn and understand the settings. I also have realized that a second person is needed to be with me for safety and security reasons. I’m also  applying for my RPIC pilot certificate.